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  • Opalescence Whitening
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  • Emergencies:

    Our office strives to accommodate your immediate dental problem quickly. If we cannot solve your emergency, we have the ability to get you in to see a dental specialist more timely than you might on your own. Dr. Wiginton’s conservative philosophy will not allow him to offer a less than satisfactory resolution of the problem.


    Time management and an efficient staff allow patients the comfort of knowing their time will not be needlessly wasted. Everyone on Dr. Wiginton’s staff works to stay on time. Appointments are scheduled and reserved for patients up to 9 months ahead. However, patients can often be seen quickly because of scheduling changes and the caring staff’s attitude.

    Second Opinions:

    Dr. Wiginton sees many patients that are seeking another opinion about their previously diagnosed dental condition. A conservative opinion is given based on the foundation of over 30 years of training, knowledge, and integrity. Any necessary x-rays required for a second opinion are made at 1/2 the normal fee. Ask our office manager Linda about this service.

    Guaranteed NUMB:

    Dr. Wiginton has a special numbing technique that assures the patient that the specific tooth/area to be treated is numb BEFORE any drilling /preparation is started. Ask DR. WIGINTON about his ‘PDL’ technique.

    Opalescence Whitening:

    Opalescence whitening gel was the first American Dental Association approved whitening gel. Dr. Wiginton uses a desensitized formula in custom fitted trays that get results in 2 to 6 hours (overnight). The patient determines how white they want their teeth to lighten. See our ‘specials’ for a $100.00 savings.

    Smile Balancing:

    Dr. Wiginton is an expert at balancing the smile line which is created by the thinner edges of the teeth. This recontouring technique does not require anesthetic and is painless. The tooth shapes are changed to create an illusion of straightness and balance.

    Patient Profile:

    Dr. Wiginton’s patients have chosen him as their dentist for his caring manner and his common sense approach to treatment planning. Patients can rely on his conservative, non-dogmatic diagnosis. His patients appreciate an office atmosphere that consists of a friendly and efficient staff who strive to make each visit fun and efficient.


    White bonded fillings are color matched to the shape of the teeth and often can be placed without the requirement of an anesthetic.


    Each crown is custom-made to fit each tooth. Modern technology has seen crown materials evolve from gold to porcelain-metal matrixs to all porcelain. Dr. Wiginton has placed thousands of crowns over a period of 30+ years. Patients can rely on his skill, knowledge and judgment to achieve an excellent result.


    Lost teeth can now be replaced with cosmetic bridges that appear like natural beautiful teeth. A variety of materials and appliances are available.

    Sleep Apnea/Snoring:

    Mild to moderate sleep apnea can often be treated with a removable appliance that is relatively inexpensive and more comfortable compared to the bulky C-PAP apparatus. Dr. Wiginton has successfully treated patients with snoring problems for over 15 years. There is a high level of patient satisfaction to know their spouse is no longer complaining of their lack of sleep. Ask for a a short sleep apnea questionaire to see if you are a candidate for this non-invasive treatment.


    Dental implants replace lost teeth without relying on adjacent supportive teeth. The success rate is higher in non-smokers. We coordinate with dental surgeons to give our patients the best chance to return to a normal functioning mouth with a pleasing appearance.

    Root Canals:

    Often severely infected, painful teeth can be saved utilizing root canal treatment instead of choosing to have the tooth removed. People sometimes make a decision to have surgery to remove an unattractive, painful, broken tooth when the tooth can be kept with root canal treatment. The best dental implant can be your own saved tooth. Dr. Wiginton can help patients decide if their teeth can be kept and restored.


    Dr. Wiginton’s office works with all insurance companies to get the maximum coverage your policy can provide. The business staff has over 45 years of experience working with insurance providers.